What sets a quilt apart from a coverlet ?


Most individuals pair their luxurious bedding sets with coverlets and quilts. Both of these are excellent options that provide comfort and make a strong style statement in your house. Additionally, although sharing a similar appearance, coverlet vs quilt have different uses and come in different sizes. 

If you're not sure how a coverlet vs quilt differs from one another, understanding a little about each will help you choose which of these luxurious bedding alternatives is perfect for you.


The topmost layer of bedding is called a coverlet, which is made to be lighter in weight than duvets and comforters but not nearly as long as a bedspread in the traditional manner. Due to their resemblance to quilts and bedspreads, coverlets are frequently used interchangeably. 

Coverlets are an excellent bedding option for all climates. They can be coupled perfectly with heavier bedding sets, like down-and-down substitute items, for cooler weather because they are light enough for warm weather.


A quilt is a sort of vintage bed covering that has been used for centuries. Even though modern quilts have improved considerably, they continue to be constructed using the same layered design technique that provides additional warmth on chilly evenings. It consists of three layers by design—a solid bottom piece, a cushioned, lightweight middle layer, and a decorative top layer—all of which are stitched together in artistic patterns.

Unique Distinctions Between Quilts and Coverlets

  • Quilts are designed for warmth, whilst coverlets are more for style and beauty. Coverlets are often made of lightweight cotton and cotton mixes. For simple quilting, quilts are produced from heavier materials with a loose weave.
  • The primary distinction between a coverlet and a quilt is that a coverlet lacks a quilt's centre layer of insulation for warmth. One piece of fabric is used to create one coverlet.
  • Although coverlets lack a quilted surface, quilts do include three layers of fabric. However, coverlets are frequently embellished or created from luxurious materials, such as the matelassé range of bedding from Peacock Alley.
  • Unlike enormous quilts or bedspreads, which are intended to reach the floor, coverlets are smaller than quilts and are only intended to hang halfway down the sides of the bed.
  • While all coverlets are made specifically to be used as bedding, some contemporary quilts are made to be used as wall hangings or table runners instead.

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