Maintaining a Coverlet


Knowing your options for bedding is crucial since you want the best for your bed. Frequently asked questions about  what is a coverlet are addressed in our comprehensive guide. Moreover, "How does it vary from other bedding?" Learn more about coverlets and how to utilise them by continuing to read.


A coverlet is an additional layer of bedding that can be used for warmth or decoration. It is offered in both simple and patterned designs. Coverlets can be utilized as your primary bedding option in warm climates or seasons, but they can work well in cold climates or seasons as an extra layer on top of your comforter or duvet. 

They are made of several different fabrics, the most popular being cotton or linen. Simply remove, fold, or arrange your coverlet however you like to modify your bedding.

Unique compared to other bedding

A coverlet is a more compact and lightweight bedding option than a comforter or bedspread. They can be used as a second layer, although they are noticeably lighter and shorter than that (never extending past the bed skirt). 

Due to the identical woven or matelasse stitching, they are most comparable to quilted blankets. But unlike a coverlet, a quilt frequently has batting sandwiched between two fabric sheets.

Utilize a coverlet

When it's too warm to use a thick quilt or duvet, a coverlet can be a fashionable addition to your bed; just drape it over the sheets for a finishing touch. During the winter, you can also place a coverlet over your bedding. In the cooler seasons of the year, the extra layer provides some additional warmth. 

Although a coverlet is excellent for added warmth, they are primarily utilised for decoration. It is a chic bedside accent piece that brightens the space around it.

Design a coverlet

The coverlet can be arranged in one of two ways that are in style: neatly tucked between the other layers of bedding, or laid on top of the bedding at the foot of the bed. Laying the thinly cushioned cover across the bed and tucking the corners around the mattress creates a clean, contemporary look. For a layered appearance, a coverlet can also be folded in half and placed at the foot of the bed.

Clean a coverlet

A coverlet requires little upkeep to maintain it. They are simpler to launder than a heavy quilt or fluffy comforter since they are thin and light. You can wash your coverlet once each season if you only use it as a throw at the foot of the bed or if it does not frequently come into contact with your skin. 

Try to wash your coverlet once every month if you use it as your main blanket in addition to your sleeping sheets. On the tag attached to your coverlet, there will be precise cleaning instructions that state whether to machine-wash, hand-wash, or dry-clean it.

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