Style & Decorate a Throw Blanket for a Bed


It can be challenging to decorate your home, particularly when attempting to balance comfort and design in your bedroom. Using a throw blanket is one of the simplest ways to improve the look of your bedroom while keeping it useful and comfortable.

Look no further if you're unsure of how to arrange a throw blanket on a bed. The ideal collection of suggestions for styling a throw blanket on a bed was put together by throw blankets on bed ideas.

Size of Throw Blankets

You must choose the appropriate size before learning how to drape a throw over a bed. Determine the appropriate range using the size of your bed.

It's critical to keep in mind that a throw blanket isn't intended to completely enclose your bed. For a twin-sized bed, you might wish to use a somewhat smaller blanket. You might want to look for a blanket that is larger than the typical size for a king-sized bed (like throw blankets on bed ideas, which are 82" x 114" in size).

Colours, fabrics, and textures

Think about the colours, textures, and bed coverings you already have before selecting a throw blanket. In the end, you prefer a pleasing contrast of hues and textures to uniformity.

Even if you choose neutral tones, you should still use a variety of hues. Your design aesthetic will ultimately determine everything, so make sure your area has a fair diversity.

Ideas for Beautiful Throw Blanket Styling

  1. Enhance Your Headboard

You don't have to leave your throw blanket at the foot of the bed. If your headboard is old, adding a throw blanket can give it some more sass. This can be accomplished by hanging the headboard either horizontally or vertically, depending on its size. Afterwards, any extra length will hang invisibly behind the headboard's back.

  1. Pinch-and-Pull Technique

This one's for you if you want to seem effortlessly stylish. To style using this technique, start by identifying the blanket's centre. Then, keeping only the middle between your fingers, you will pinch that blanket's centre and lift it. 

  1. Traditional Horizontal Fold

If other parts of your bed already have a lot going on with various textures and colours, using a throw blanket with a straightforward pattern is a great choice. In many homes, a straightforward fold is highly popular and offers your bed a tidy appearance. 


  1. Be Lazy and a Little Disorganized

You must play around with your blanket a lot to achieve this laid-back style. To begin, fold your blanket in the traditional, orderly horizontal fashion. You can drape it from the bed's centre to one of the bottom corners, or lay it across the bottom of the bed.

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